An oxygen concentrator is a great alternative to a traditional oxygen tank, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. You should consider an oxygen concentrator if you want an oxygen solution that produces as much oxygen as needed, is portable, and is easily recharged.

Produces as Much Oxygen as Needed

One of the biggest problems with traditional oxygen tanks is that the amount of time that you can spend going out and about is going to be limited by the amount of oxygen that your tank can hold. Unless you bring multiple unwieldy oxygen tanks with you whenever you leave the house, you will need to get home and get a new tank as soon as yours runs out. This can make taking extended day trips or going on vacation very difficult.

However, an oxygen concentrator can help you get around that problem because it does not actually store any oxygen within itself. Instead, an oxygen concentrator draws oxygen into itself from the environment and concentrates it for your use. This means that you can spend as much time outside or on your vacation as you want without having to worry about running out of oxygen.


Another reason to consider a concentrator is that it is quite a bit smaller than a traditional oxygen tank. In many cases, the concentrator is not only going to be much smaller than an oxygen tank, but it is also going to be much lighter. This makes this system ideal for individual's that may not be strong enough to carry or otherwise transport an oxygen tank.

In addition, the portability of a concentrator is helped by the fact that there are multiple transportation options available. For example, you can choose to have it mounted on a small cart that you can easily pull behind you, or you can have it attached to a wheelchair, walker, or backpack.

Easily Recharged

Finally, the only thing that you really need to worry about with an oxygen concentrator is that the battery may run out. However, oxygen concentrators have multiple options available to help you avoid this problem. For example, many concentrators can be recharged through outlets in your home, office, or even your vehicle. 

In addition, many of the rechargeable batteries that concentrators use can be easily switched out. This means that you can quickly and easily replace the battery if you do not have an outlet nearby to recharge the current one.

Visit your local medical supply store like Corner Home Medical in order to see the many oxygen concentrators that are available. A concentrator is a great device because it can supply you with all of the oxygen that you may need, is portable, and can be recharged easily and conveniently.