Some children who have cerebral palsy cannot sit up on their own, which makes it impossible for them to swing. Thankfully, for children with who have cerebral palsy or other mobility impairments, there are adaptive swings made just for them. Here are three types of swings children with cerebral palsy  can use.

Platform Swing

These types of swings can be used either inside the home or in a clinical setting for physical and occupational types of therapy. The platform swing usually consists of a large platform that enables a child to either sit, stand or lie down. Some platform swings are made out of a mesh interior, padded steel frame and nylon rope that can also be used outdoors. For kids with cerebral palsy, they can either lie down on the platform swing or an adult can assist them in sitting up on it. Either way, they will be able to feel the freedom of a back and forth or side to side swinging motion.

Adaptive Swing Seat

These types of adaptive swings can be found in some community parks, or they can be ordered so you can have one in your own backyard. Adaptive swing seats offer a child total independence when it comes to swinging, as they are designed specifically for children who cannot support themselves on their own. These swings usually have a higher back to support the child's back, head and neck. Some of them also have extended leg and foot rests for added support. Safety straps allow the child to stay securely in the seat. Adaptive swing seats come in different sizes so that they can properly support the child at different heights and weights.

Wheelchair Swing

Some children with cerebral palsy tend to have very high muscle tone or a lot of spasticity that might make sitting in an adaptive swing uncomfortable. There may also be instances where an adult might not be physically able to get their child into an adaptive swing. For these children, or for young adults, a wheelchair swing is a great option. This type of swing gives them the opportunity to swing in the comfort of their own chair. A wheelchair swing consists of a large platform onto which the wheelchair gets rolled. Heavy steel chains attach the platform to the top of the frame. Wheelchair swings are durable enough so that even those in heavy motorized wheelchairs can enjoy swinging.

These three types of swings will enable your child with cerebral palsy to enjoy a simple activity at any stage of their life.